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Related article: Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 00:38:38 -0800 (PST)
From: larry rice
Subject: Gene Comes OutFor sometime now Gene had known he was gay but was extremely scared to
admit it to anyone. Especially being raised in a small Texas town, where
everyone knew everyone. He had decided to move to the big city as they
say and live his own life to the fullest and to hell with everyone else.
Being that he was just an average size young man of 21, 5' 9", 165 lbs
and lite redish blonde hair, and still had that boyish look cute girl pussy
to himself.
He decided to try out a few bars and lounges close to his new apartment.
That Friday evening was to say the least a complete failure and Gene was
so upset at himself, he went home and cried. The next day laying around
the pool at his apartment Gene noticed two men moving things out of a
down stairs apartment. Now why couldn't he have someone like one of those
guys around all the time as a roommate or lover. Little did cute pusses he know at
that time was that both men were only getting rid of all their old
furniture and bringing in new things.It was two days later when Gene was coming home from his job when he met
Ralph, a tall well built, good looking man who also was one cute hardcore yaoi of the guys
that he had watched. From what Gene could tell was also very well hung
and very musclar. 18 cute nude boylove Gene introduced himself to Ralph and they chatted for a
few moments before saying their goodbyes. As Gene got to his apartment he
was as horny as he had ever been in his life, so he went to his closet
and got his dildo out and greesed it and his hole up and began to ease it
in. All he could think of was, it was Ralph fucking him. Gene couldn't
and didn't last very long especially as hot and cute male butts
turned as he was. Within
minutes he moaned loudly and his body shook violently and trembled as he
shot spurts of thick creamy cum all over his belly. Then without thinking
anything of it he scooped up his cum in his fingers and sucked them
clean. That evening he decided to go for a swim and there they were,
Ralph and his roommate, who introduced himself as Pete. As Gene began to
get a better look at Pete he noticed that Pete was shorter but stockier
than Ralph and had a bulge that would make a horse jealous in thicknes.
Both roommmates were in the pool wrestling and playing around and asked
Gene to join them which he did. As their playfullness got more and more
physical Gene could feel each time when cute shaven pussy the men would grab him and hold
on. At one time he was being bent over with Ralph behind him and Pete in
front dunking him. Gene could feel Ralphs cock grow each time it touched
his ass. Both Ralph and Pete knew exactly what they were doing to the
young man, and also what they were going to do. cute pussy Slowly Ralph began to rub
his cock against Gene's ass holding him there tightly. japanese cute schoolgirls
Meanwhile Pete had
a hold of Gene's head and brought his body up out of the water just
enough to rub his bulge against Gene's face. Gene was definitely afraid
of getting caught and from his fear the two men told him they were going
to their apartment. Once inside they told Gene to strip so they could see exactly what
they were getting. Bowing his head Gene stripped and stood there as both
Ralph and Pete stripped off thier suits. Ralph sat down on the sofa and
Gene was told to kneel in front of him, then lick his cock and cute ass porn balls
slowly. He obeyed the older man and leaned forward and licked the large
thick cockhead slowly running his tongue all over the crowned head.
Licking under the shaft Gene trailed his tongue downward cute prettens licking all the
way to Ralphs huge heavy cum filled balls. He knew he was in heaven as he
licked and sucked and cute sayings by kids wrapped his mouth around both balls. Pete stood
there watching the young man devour Ralphs balls like he starving then
only to release them and licking lower. By now Ralph had scooted to the
edge of the sofa to give Gene more room, and Gene took full advantage of
his movement. Licking lower till his tongue trailed downward across the
older mans asshole, licking all around the tight opening trying to push
his tongue inward. Gene's ass was high in the air and Pete was just
waiting for Ralph to give the go ahead, which he received. Pete didn't
waste a moment as he knelt preeten cute
down and licked the young cute lollita ru mans tight opening
knowing full well what he was going to do. Pete was just the type who
didn't care if your hole was loose or not, when he wanted to fuck that
exactly what he got. Stroking his preeten cute
already hard 7 1/2" long cock that was
the same thickness as a beer can he positioned himself behind young Gene
and pushing the head of his enormous cockhead to Gene's hole. With both
hands on his hips he pushed violently as he pulled Gene backwards to him
sinking his cock deep into Gene. What both men heard was the loudest
shriek that should have woken the whole city as Pete's cock tore into
Gene's hole. Ralph by now had grabbed Gene's head and brought him to his
cock so that he could shove his own longer 9" cock down Gene's mouth and
throat. Both men laughed and nodded as they began to fuck the helpless
young man at both ends, explaing that from now on he was their fuck bitch
and he had nothing to say about it. For what seemed like and hour Pete
and Ralph assaulted Gene's body with their huge cocks sending the younger
man into a frenzy of wanton lust. He just couldn't get enough of their
cocks as he drove himself on every push and shove to get more inside him.
Pete was cute asains sex the first to feel his orgasm build to where he couldn't stop as
he cute lollita ru
flooded Gene's ass. The young man couldn't hold his as he shot gobs of
hot thick cute in tight jeans
creamy cum all over the floor. Now it was Ralphs turn , but he
wasn't near done with this boy yet, he was definitely going to make him
his bitch forever. Ralph had been known for his ability to last for long
periods of time fucking and fucking some helpless boy's asspussy. As Pete
sat on a chair and watched, Ralph fucked the young boy till he was like a
limp dishrag. Then without warning he gave a loud grunt and pushed as
hard as he could sending his cock completely into Gene and letting loose
with huge spasms of his hot cum, filling the boy's asshole till it was
dripping out.When all three were completely drained of energy, Gene got up and dressed
and went to his apartment where he cleaned up and fell asleep. By the
time he had awoken he found out he had missed a whole days work. He was
famished so as he fixed his dinner cute candid pics he heard a knock at his door to which
he found Ralph standing there. Ralph had come over to deliver a message
to let Gene know that he would be required to arrive at their place in
one hour. There was going to be a party to cellebrate Gene's new life cute schoolgirl tied up as
a submissive cum loving bitch, then Ralph turned and went back home. Gene
knew he was still extremely sore, he could barely walk straight. Within
the hour Gene was standing at their apartment door knocking, his orders
were very plain. Knock twice and when cute non nude girls
someone answered he was to yell out
that he was a cum loving whore and that he would do as told if he was
allowed to enter. After doing as required the door opened and Gene
entered into another life that would fulfill his wildest dreams.
Hope everyone that reads this enjoys it enough to let me know if there
should be a second installment on Gene's new lifestyle.If you enjoyed this short story please let me know at ( )
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